Why Yahoo Mail Stopped Working?

Why Yahoo Mail Stopped Working?

Yahoo Mail is a well-known email service that is widely used by professionals. If your Yahoo Mail is no longer working, there might be an issue with your email account or web browser. Follow the troubleshooting procedures below to fix  Yahoo Mail Stopped Working problems.

Case 1: Issues with Yahoo’s web-mail service

  • To begin, log out of your Yahoo Mail account and wait a few seconds.
  • Log in to your Yahoo Mail account again.
  • Check for any outages (Yahoo mail down) in your region if you are unable to login to your email account. 
  • If this is the case, try login into your account again after some time passes.
  • Otherwise, you must troubleshoot your browser.
  • If you’re using Google Chrome, go to the top-right corner of the page and click the Customize and control Google Chrome symbol (three vertical dots), then select More tools from the take menu.
  • Click the Clear browsing data submenu, then pick the time range and tick all the checkboxes.
  • Finally, click the Erase data option to clear your browser cache. This may appear easy, yet it is really effective.

Case 2: An issue with the Yahoo Mail app

  • If your Yahoo Mail app no longer works, close it and visit the Settings app on your smartphone (Android).
  • Tap Apps and then choose the Yahoo Mail app from the list that appears.
  • Choose Force stop from the menu in the bottom-right corner and confirm your action by clicking OK.
  • Tap Clear Cache for your Yahoo Mail app and click OK to clear the cache memory of Yahoo Mail on your smartphone.
  • If required, check for and download any available Yahoo Mail updates.
  • Finally, restart your phone and open the Yahoo Mail app to see whether the issue has been addressed.
  • If your Yahoo Mail Stopped Working again, please use the Call option on this page to contact our technical specialists who will assist you in fixing the issue.


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