How Do I Contact Target Customer Service? Find Ways To Get Resolved Your Queries!

How Do I Contact Target Customer Service? Find Ways To Get Resolved Your Queries!

Target, which is one of the largest chains of discount stores, has hundreds of stores in the USA. Target deals with several kinds of products like Electronics, Furniture, Accessories, Toys, and many household accessories. It is one of the popular stores in the USA and most the people visit there on daily basis to fulfill their basic needs. Talking about the payment modes; it accepts payment from VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Despite having all these things, queries are certain to occur. And, to assist its users, Target has given so many options which could be helpful in solving the issue. Are you among people searching How do I contact target customer service? Continue reading!

Target stores, widely popular in the USA, are the first choice of people living there. Due to its vast range of products, it seems fulfilling all the required needs that might emerge on daily basis.

Like all other vast ranges of stores, Target also provides the basic way by which even an illiterate person can contact its customer service. Target lets users call on their helpline number without any problem.

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How do I complain to target?

To register your complaint on the Target site, you do not need anything special practice. For that, you can just simply call on their helpline number and then can get assisted with whatever issue you are struggling with.

However, it is essential that you choose the right contact details of the representative that belongs to your area or store because then only you will get the right assistance as per your issue.

Target as of now covers 1800 stores functioning in the USA and therefore it is necessary to choose your ones by visiting the official site of Target.

We have provided the steps below to contact the Target representative.

  • First of all, you need to reach out official Target website (
  • After opening the site, you need to go downside and then choose “Contact us.”
  • Once you click on the contact us, you will be seeing a new tab opening called ‘Contact & Help.’
  • This tab has numerous categories to choose from such as guest service, press, investors, careers, security concerns, etc. Choose as per your need.
  • Also, all categories are pinned with the contact details under the category section. You can simply call on it and get assisted.
  • Also, there would be an option called com/ContactUs which will lead you to the new section where your concerned issue will be catered to with the choice you make.
  • Then, click on the search bar and choose your category concern to connect with the same representative.

What are target customer service hours?

Being multi-dimensional stores with numerous branches, it has become necessary to help the user all the time when the need arises. And, therefore, Target provides its customer services 24*7 both in the form of contact numbers and chats. Also, you can mail to them at in case you have any issues related to security.

Is Target good with customer service?

It is, however, being such large in its services; that it is not possible to resolve all the queries as per the wish of users but, Target Customer Help try its best to resolve query with the help of its expert team.

Would like to add one more thing and that is, there are several contact numbers available for every category so that it could be less hectic to manage the concerns. Therefore, it becomes necessary for users to choose the right contact number as per they have chosen their category of concern.

For instance, in order to put doubts regarding Debit Card, users require to call on  1-888-729-7331, for credit card & Target Mastercard (U.S.), dial 1-800-424-6888

Can I chat with Target?

Absolutely, there is an option for those who want to contact a Target representative on chat, can easily do so by choosing the chat option from the target help.

The applicability of the category will remain the same, you got to choose it from the list and then you can be contacted by a Target representative on chat.

How do I speak to someone at Target customer service?

In order to contact a target customer representative, you need to call on the official customer service number of Target 1.800. 440.0680 Or you may also reach out to the target help from

Target has divided the category of concern which you can choose and get connected with the expert team.

Below are the steps to do so:

  • Reach out to the official Target website (
  • As the site opens, you need to move downward and find the ‘Target Help’ option.
  • Then, Tap on Target Help and by doing so you will be redirected to the Target Help page.
  • Here, choose the category of your concern or you might click on contact us to get the various options available.
  • When you choose the category, you will get a list of contact details such as contact number, email address, and other alternative options which might be useful.

How do I contact Target’s headquarters?

To contact Target’s headquarters, you are required to call on the 1-800-440-0680. The headquarter which is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota could be reached by the contact number we have provided.

How do I contact Target by phone?

In order to contact the Target representative by phone, you should call on the official number of it. It is 1-800-440-0680. If you are looking for a quick mode of contacting the customer service of Target, then a phone number is best in this regard.

Contact Target customer service through various other modes as well. For instance, you can reach out Target Support Team via Chat and Emails as well.

The services are best and the mode of assistance should be chosen as per your requirements.

Does Target have a customer service chat?

Yes, it has. Target which is widely popular in the USA and also has so many stores already provided all the ways possible to get connected with them.

You can select your concern from the list of many and then can choose your mode of contacting a customer representative.

Can I order from Target by phone?

Yes, now Target has allowed its users to call and order the product without navigating the site. This feature is amazing to save time.

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Summing up!

Struggling with the same doubt like How do I contact target customer service? If so, this blog will be helpful in this regard as it covers all the possible ways which could be used to access Target customer service.

Target stores are popular enough in the USA and provide multiple services such as electronics, healthcare, and many others. This is the place also where the cash card is loaded with a minimum fee for the services.

Also, Target accepts payment from standard cards such as VISA, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

We are hoping that this blog has resolved all the issues that were swirling in your mind. if still, you have any doubt, feel free to ask in the comments below.

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