The Simple Way To Share Outlook Calendar – (Solution)

The Simple Way To Share Outlook Calendar – (Solution)

A few Microsoft Outlook features have made users’ lives simpler. Do you want to inform your colleagues of all relevant events, as well as your availability? This can be done easily by understanding how to create a group of Outlook and how to share an Outlook calendar. Webmailtech  provides simple methods of share an outlook calendar with contacts working in the same company or other.

Before we get into the easy steps for creating a shared calendar in Outlook. Let’s go over the benefits of using the same approach for our Outlook accounts:

  • Abilities to manage activities in a team environment.
  • By looking at the shared calendar, the team leader would have a better understanding of each employee’s availability and responsibilities.
  • Duties and tasks would be optimally planned.
  • Since an outline of any employee’s schedule is already established. An employee may set up a meeting without including a colleague.

To take advantage of such benefits, read the articles and learn how to share outlook calendar.

Methods: Adding a Shared Calendar to Outlook

There are two ways to post my outlook calendar, based on who you want to share it with. Method one is for sharing your calendar with contacts within your organization, and method two is for sharing your calendar with contacts outside your company.

Depending on your preferences, use one or more of the methods mentioned below.

How do you set up a shared calendar in Outlook 2016/365 for your company’s contacts?

The method of sharing your calendar with availability and unavailability with coworkers, i.e., contacts in your company, is easier and simpler. Step by step, do the following:

  • Open the ‘Calendar’ tab in your Outlook account.

Open ‘Calendar’ on your Outlook account

  • Select ‘Share Calendar’ from the ‘Home’ menu.

Click on ‘Home’ and select ‘Share Calendar’

  • Open ‘Permissions’ from the ‘Calendar properties’ menu.

Calendar properties

  • Set the ‘Permission level’ in the ‘Name’ field and choose ‘Can view while I am busy’ from the drop-down menu.

Permission level ’ and in choose ‘Can view when I am busy’

  • Select ‘Add’ and enter the email address of the person with whom you want to share your calendar, then click ‘Add.’

The calendar will now be available on your system under ‘Shared Calendars.’

Shared Calendars

You should have learned how to share outlook calendar by following the steps described above. Do you want to share how to create a shared calendar in Outlook 365/ 2016 with contacts outside your company? Follow the steps in the following method.

Shared Calendar In Outlook With External Contacts

The first few steps of the method are somewhat similar to how to add a shared calendar in Outlook, but the process gradually changes. Before you start, check that you are using only one account in Microsoft Outlook. If not, select the account from which you want to add a shared calendar in Outlook. To share your calendar, simply follow the steps below:

using one account on Microsoft outlook

  • Click on the ‘Home’ and ‘Share Calendar’ buttons, respectively.

share calendar in outlook

  • Choose your customized ‘calendar.’
  • Select ‘Permissions’ from the ‘Calendar properties’ list.
  • Select as many external contacts as you like in the ‘Name’ tab.
  • Choose ‘Can view when I am busy‘ from the ‘Permission Level’ drop-down menu.

Permission Level’ list, select ‘Can view when I am busy’

  • Click on ‘Add’ to add a contact person other than one from your company, then click on ‘Ok.’
  • Give the external contacts permission to ‘Can view all details‘ and then press ‘Ok.’

Be certain that they do not have keys to the customized calendar or delegate rights. Before, operation is completed. The processor would ask for your confirmation: ‘I would like to share my calendar with you (‘ will appear on your screen; click on ‘accept and open calendar.’

When users are not well guided, learning how to share a calendar in Outlook365/ 2016 with external contacts can be very easy. Webmailtech also provides the simplest steps to understand and execute.

After implementing one or more of these methods, send an email to the relevant contacts informing them that they can now see your schedule from a shared calendar.

Webmailtech always provides the best available solution and methods for major-minor questions such as how to share the calendar in outlook, adjust the background color of outlook in versions like outlook 2017, outlook 2007, and outlook 365. If you were unable to use the methods mentioned above, please contact our specialist technician via chat.




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