Mobile payment application risks: A Tampa Bay freelancer’s Cash App account is drained

“Mobile payment application risks: A Tampa Bay freelancer’s Cash App account has been drained,” you can read about news in this post. You may read about it here.


  • TAMPA, Fla. – Your phone is a portal to your funds for anyone who uses Mobile payment application such as Cash App, Venmo, PayPal, and Zelle.


  • Touchless payment alternatives grew in popularity as the coronavirus pandemic spread. These applications make it simpler than ever to send and receive money.


  • Mobile payment applications, on the other hand, have become a haven for criminals.


  • “It’s simply simpler to say, ‘Oh sure, put my phone number into this app, and you can just send it there,” Frank Wood told 8 On Your Side Consumer Investigator Shannon Behnken.


  • Wood works as a freelancer in video game marketing. He utilizes mobile payment applications to collect money from his clients, as do many other gig workers.


  • Wood has no trouble utilizing mobile payment applications for years. Then one day, he awoke to discover his Cash App account depleted.


  • “The first one was right there, $212, [then] $206, $206, $298.88,” Wood recalled, displaying the transactions on his phone.


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