Joe Biden’s Net Worth – How Much He Earns And From Where?

Joe Biden’s Net Worth – How Much He Earns And From Where?

Joe Biden, currently, is the 46th president of the United States of America. He took oath on November 7, 2020, as president. He has been activating in different jobs; such as book publishing, speaking, and many other related jobs. Along with it, he has been active in politics for four decades; from becoming a senator to being president of the United States, the journey has been long enough. Today what we are focusing on is the ‘Wealth’ of this most powerful human on the planet: Joe Biden’s Net Worth. We’ll also see how he’s earned in past doing what he used to do.


Born: 20 November 1942

Worth: $9 million

Source of income: particularly from book deals and speaking fees.

Career: serving as 46th president of the U.S.A

Joe Biden Net Worth: $9 Million

Talking about Joe Biden’s Net Worth, currently, when we are talking, the total net worth of Biden is around $9 million, according to Forbes. This is not just accumulated from political remuneration; however, a major part of his income comes from book deals and speaking fees.

He has been fond of books and the art of speaking. With his interests, he got earned so much from different publishing houses and other book deals as well.

He’s got two homes worth $4 million combined with his wife: Jill. To understand Biden’s income closely, we have provided the wealth he has earned in different stages of his life.

  • Being a senate: he was receiving $42,500 a year in 1979
  • After he left the senate in 2009, he was earning $169,300.
  • Being vice-president his salary was $230,700.
  • And, now when he’s serving as president, he must be getting $400,000.

As mentioned, his major source of earnings has been book deals, book publishing house contracts, and speaking fees. He has earned a lot with his book niche. As per assumption, between 2017 to 2019, he had earned around $15 million dollars with which the highest remaining book being around $9.8 million.

And, others came from speaking fees and all.

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Joe Biden’s Political Career

Because it’s the discussion of Biden’s wealth, how can his political career are missed out in the way? Let us have a look at his vast career in politics.

1990: Joe introduced a bill that proved the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).

2002: Biden was in favor of Iraq’s military intervention; however, later he criticized it.

2010: he’s been assisted in passing the Affordable Care Act.

2020: Became 46th president of the USA.

2021: he has approved a $1.2 trillion infrastructure package for roads, bridges, transportation, etc.

Summing up!

Joe Biden (79 years) is the 46th president of the United States of America. He has served as a politician for more than four decades and earned along the way from different sources. One o his primary sources was bookselling, dealing with publishing houses, and earning from speaking arts as well.

Biden’s total estimated wealth is $9 million, according to Forbes’ research.

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Here we end Joe Biden’s Net Worth.

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