How To Fix Yahoo Email Server?

How To Fix Yahoo Email Server?

Server Temporarily Unavailable Yahoo Email

When Yahoo! mail services were down, there used to be an easy method to determine if the problem is about the Temporarily Unavailable Yahoo Email or a connection or web browser issue on your end. Since 2019, Yahoo has not given system status information for its free services. If you find issues more than what you expected, it is an error from Yahoo! Services. There is no simple fix to an identify Yahoo’s services. However, here are some methods to fast determine if the problem is on your end or with Yahoo! Services. When the server is temporarily an inaccessible, that code is Error 14. 

Applications from Third Parties:

  • Check Yahoo’s status through third-party applications such as Isup, downdetecter.
  • In doing so, any of these third-party applications might be useful in locating some important fixes.
  • If you discover more problems than you expected, this is a mistake from Yahoo! Services.

Restart the system:

  • Please restart your computer/laptop.
  • A simple restart generally resolves certain memory and connection issues.
  • A restart can resolve temporary issues and re-establish network connections.

Internet Service providers:

  • Open your browser on any laptop/computer.
  • Try visiting other websites, such as
  • If the websites are not available, the issue is most likely with your internet service provider.
  • If none of the above alternatives work, you might try visiting Yahoo from a laptop or phone.
  • To test if Yahoo opens, connect your device to a different network.
  • If Yahoo! services do not reply, the problem is on their end.
  • You can also try connecting to Yahoo using a different browser.
  • Switch to Chrome or Firefox to discover if the Yahoo! service is available.
  • If the preceding procedures enable you access Yahoo! services, you may contact Yahoo support for assistance.


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