How to Reactivate AOL Email and Why Is Your AOL Account Deactivated?

How to Reactivate AOL Email and Why Is Your AOL Account Deactivated?


How to Reactivate a Deactivated AOL Email Account

AOL is an excellent email service that has many advantages and applications. AOL Mail is a popular email service that is known for its security and reliability. It has an all-in-one desktop app that helps users to access Reactivate AOL Email, instant messaging, web browsing, and other services from a single place.

AOL Mail deactivates unused accounts on a regular basis. If your AOL account is deactivated due to inactivity, you may lose access to your email account’s addresses, attachments, and other details. In this blog, we will look at why AOL deactivates dormant email addresses and how to reactivate the AOL account. So, without further ado, let’s get started and go through the account reactivation process in detail.

When Will Your AOL Account Be Deactivated or Deleted?

AOL started permanently removing all accounts that had not been involved in the previous 180 days last year. As a result, if the user has not used their AOL mail in the last six months, their account will be deactivated.

Many that use some Open ID for AOL Mail will also lose access to their accounts if they are inactive. If they have not logged into their AOL account in the last six months, their account will be deactivated. AOL will also have the option to delete the entire account, along with all data.

According to AOL, following a long period of inactivity, the account will be permanently deactivated and all saved data will be deleted. When this happens, users are unable to recover their data and will need to create a new AOL account in order to continue using the AOL email.

What Happens When Your AOL Account Is Deactivated Due to Inactivity?

If you do not open your AOL Mail account for ninety days, your email account will be deactivated. This means you will not get any emails in your inbox. If you get a text, it will bounce. Failure to sign in after 180 days would result in account termination. All files, emails, and information associated to your email account will be permanently destroyed, and you will be able to properly recover it.

How Do You Know If Your AOL Mail Account Is Active?

When you log in to your AOL email address, you can see a message stating that your account is no longer active. While this message can occur if your email address was used in a way that violated AOL’s terms of service, or if you have deleted your account, it most commonly appears when the account is deactivated inactive. When you log in between 90 and 180 days, you will be able to reactivate your AOL account and start receiving emails. Your account will continue to run normally, but any email you sent before your AOL account was deactivated due to inactivity will be lost.

Reasons for AOL Account Deactivation or Delete

Learn more about the reasons why your AOL email address can be deactivated or even deleted.

Your AOL email address can be deleted or made unavailable for a variety of reasons and circumstances. If your account is deleted, you will need to create a new AOL Mail account. However, you will be unable to use your previous username again.

  • When you order the delete¬†your AOL account, it is first deactivated.
  • If you’ve not logged into your AOL Mail account in 90 days.
  • When the email address was used in violation of AOL’s terms of service.

How to Reactivate an AOL Account

Here’s how to reactivate your AOL account:

AOL Free Accounts

If you have a free AOL email account? Is your account inactive because of inactivity? Don’t worry, you can easily reactivate an expired AOL account. Continue reading and take the simple steps shown below.

  • To start, open a web browser on your device.
  • Then, in the URL bar, enter
  • Then, if you are already signed in to another AOL account, press the Sign Out button in the upper right corner.
  • After that, return to
  • Enter your AOL account’s username or email address.
  • Then, press the Next button.
  • Submit your AOL account name.
  • Then press the Sign In button.
  • You have now finally reactivated your AOL account.

Subscription to AOL Premium

Is your AOL account deactivated due to inactivity? Do not worry. If you have a premium account, simply follow these simple steps to reactivate your AOL email.

  • First and foremost, you must open a web browser.
  • Next, move to the AOL login tab.
  • Now you must enter your username or email address.
  • You may check the box next to Stay sign in.
  • Next, press the Next button.
  • Enter your AOL account name.
  • Click the login tab.
  • After logging in to your AOL email address, go to the My Services page.
  • Choose Subscriptions from the list of choices.
  • You must now locate the AOL product or service that you want to unlock.
  • Move to the Subscription Information page.
  • Copy the Access URL by moving the cursor to it.
  • Now, copy and paste the selected link into a new web browser tab.
  • You will now be routed to either a file download page or a new page where you must enter your AOL account login credentials.
  • After entering your username or email address, simply select the Forgot Password option.
  • To recover or create a new password, follow the instructions.
  • After logging in, you must follow the instructions on the screen to reactivate an inactive AOL account.

Changing the Paid AOL Plan:

  • To start, open the device’s web browser.
  • After that, move to
  • Enter the username and password for your AOL account to log in.
  • After signing in, go to My Services.
  • Then, from the list, choose Subscriptions.
  • Click on the Manage button next to the AOL schedule you want to alter.
  • When the prompt appears, you must do the verification.
  • Move to Products.
  • Select the Change Plan option.
  • You must click on the Pick Plan button to change your plan.
  • When the prompt occurs, confirm your decision.

How to Reactivate an Inactive AOL Account on a Smartphone?

The AOL app for mobile devices helps you to search your AOL Mail, write emails, and do a lot more. It helps to reach your AOL Mail account from any place. Here’s how to reactivate AOL email on your mobile device:

  • Android users must enter the Google Play Store.
  • So also, iPhone users will go to the Apple App Store.
  • Windows Phone users must also open the App Store.
  • Enter AOL in the search bar.
  • Tap the first option, then the Install command.
  • Allow the software installation to complete.
  • Start the AOL app.
  • Enter the AOL login information or email address.
  • Sign in to your AOL account with your email.
  • You have now successfully reactivated your AOL account.

How Do You Reactivate Your AOL Account If You Forgot Your Password?

If you previously created an AOL account and plan to continue using it, you can easily reactivate it or easily request a new password. If you can’t remember your AOL account password, here’s how to reactivate an inactive AOL account:

  1. Open your web browser.
  2. Move to the AOL website.
  3. Sign up with your email address and password.
  4. Enter your AOL username (without from your AOL email address).
  5. If you can’t remember it, click the Trouble signing in the icon. Following that, enter the account recovery email address or phone number.
  6. Next, press the Next button.
  7. You must now press Sign in.
  8. At the bottom, click the Forgot Password link.
  9. Enter your AOL e-mail address.
  10. Next, press the Next button.
  11. Enter the phone number or recovery email address registered with your AOL email.
  12. Click the Next tab.
  13. Choose if you want to receive the authentication code via phone call or text message.
  14. If you do not have access to your recovery contact number, simply click the following link: do not have access to this phone.
  15. Check your messages or email for the AOL verification code.
  16. Fill in the verification code in the blank on the screen and push the Next button.
  17. Change the password for your AOL email address.
  18. Retype the same password for confirmation.
  19. Press the save tab.
  20. Now, open in a new tab.
  21. Enter your AOL username or email address and press the Next button.
  22. Sign in with a newly created password to reactivate the AOL email.


How to Prevent Getting Your AOL Account Deactivated Due to Inactivity

If you use AOL email but do not use it regularly, you risk losing your entire account, your AOL username, and any emails stored on the server. You do not want to lose important details or your AOL account email address, you must sign in to your AOL Mail address at least once a month. If you do not do so, the following will occur.

How can I get my AOL email back?

Before knowing to get AOL Email back, you have to identify what issues you are experiencing, and accordingly, you can tackle them. If are having login trouble and are not able to log in due to some reasons then first identify where you are using the wrong password or might email. If so, then this obstacle can be diagnosed and eliminated when you follow forgot password instructions.

What Happened to The AOL Account After 90 Days of Inactivity?

If you do not sign in to your AOL email address for ninety days in a row, your AOL email account will be deactivated. You will not be able to receive any incoming emails, and no new messages will be sent to your inbox. These messages must be returned to the sender.

If you sign in to your AOL email address after the 90th day but before the 180th day, your account will be reactivated and you will begin receiving new emails again. You will be free to use your AOL email normally after reactivating it. However, you will not get emails that bounced back to the sender after your account was deactivated.

What Does to Your AOL Account After 180 Days of Inactivity?

If you do not sign in to your AOL account for another 90 days, for a total of 180 days in a row, your email account will be deleted. Users may or may not be able to recover their AOL email addresses. Apart from that, all emails, pictures, and attachments to emails are deleted.

If you want to keep your AOL email active to stop allowing the associated data deleted, make sure you log in on a regular basis.

Final Take!

If you are one of those people facing trouble with AOL email and curious to know How to Reactivate AOL Email and Why Is Your AOL Account Deactivated? Then this blog can be a one-stop destination for you. Read this blog till the end and get complete information from here. If you have any queries or want to ask anything related to this blog then you can leave your valuable comment in the below section.



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