How to Fix Facebook Login Issues

How to Fix Facebook Login Issues

How to Resolve Facebook Login Problems

Are you trying to log in to your Facebook Login Not Working but get no reply when you click the login button? Or maybe you opted to log back in after finishing a 30-day Facebook detox challenge and lost your password.

So, if you can’t log in to Facebook, we’ve got this helpful guide for you. To quickly reconnect with your Facebook friends, follow the procedures described below.

First and foremost, check to see whether Facebook is down. Only some temporary log-in issues And Facebook Login Not Working are affecting the service.

How to Resolve Facebook Login Problems

Analyze Your Spelling:

Typos are frequently the cause of login troubles. As a result, double-check your username and password for errors. Check your keyboard settings tab. Perhaps you are unable to log in because you often swap between keyboard settings.

Check Your Browser:

If the log-in problem only happens when you try to connect to Facebook using a web browser, it is likely that your browser is at a fault.

Here’s what you can do to make it right:

  • Get the most recent browser version.
  • Delete the cache.
  • For Chrome, see How to Clear the Cache in Google Chrome.
  • Utilize Incognito Mode. See Is Incognito Mode Really Secure? for more information on private surfing.
  • Switch to a new browser for the time being.

Analyze the Facebook App:

If, on the other hand, you are unable to log in to Facebook using the stand-alone app on your phone, try upgrading the app. Clearing the cache may also be helpful. As a final option, you can remove and reinstall the app.

Reset Your Account:

  • Go to to get started.
  • Enter the email address or phone number you used to sign up for Facebook.

Recover Your Account

  • Then click on the Search button.
  • If Facebook discovers an active account with that email or phone number, you will be prompted to reset your password. After that, you can opt to log in to Google or get the key through email.

Check the Facebook App

  • Press the Continue button.
  • Check your mailbox if you elected to receive the reset key via email.
  • Please enter the security code.

Enter the security code.

  • Then you’ll be prompted to create a new password. Use a strong password (add special characters and numbers).

How to Recover a Facebook Account Using Another User's Account

  • Then, click Submit, and you’ll be immediately signed in to your Facebook account.

How to Recover a Facebook Account Using Another User’s Account

  • Request that a friend or family member view your Facebook profile.
  • Then they must click on the three-dot menu underneath the cover pic.
  • Request that they choose either Find support or Report profile.

How to Recover a Facebook Account Using Another User's Account

  • They must then choose Something Else.

How to Recover a Facebook Account Using Another User's Account

  • The option to Recover this Account should then be available.
  • All they have to do is follow the on-screen instructions to assist you in recovering your account.

If Your Facebook Account Has Been Hacked

Another reason you can’t access Facebook is if your account has been compromised. Your email and password were most likely altered by the hackers.

If you think your account has been hacked, go to and follow the on-screen instructions to restore your account.


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