How to Fix Email Issues with TELUS Customer Service

How to Fix Email Issues with TELUS Customer Service

 TELUS email is TELUS Communication’s email service. This telecommunications company is well-known for its television services, as well as its provision of internet connections, phone, entertainment and news videos, and everything else. TELUS email is available to all TELUS Customer Service personnel for communication and bill payment. This email may also be customized in any email client programmed.

TELUS Email Setup on Your Computer via TELUS Customer Support Technicians

This guide will go through how to set up TELUS email on any computer by following the steps outlined below:

  • Launch the email client programmed by clicking on the Start button.
  • Click Tools, then Options, and finally Email Accounts.
  • Select the Add New Account button in the newly displayed window.
  • Click Following, then in the next box, choose IMAP and click Next.
  • In the following box, provide a display name, login, email address, and password.
  • Put the incoming email server imap as
  • Enter as the smtp incoming server.
  • Enter 1025 as the SMTP port number in the Advanced Settings tab.
  • Click OK, then Next, and finally Finish.

Similar procedures may be used with minor variations but the identical IMAP and SMTP settings in any email client programmed on any machine. If a user has a difficulty, he or she can contact TELUS customer care. TELUS technology executives that are highly skilled and experienced give this assistance. TELUS technical support is accessible 24*7 to help clients with any problems or questions they may have.

How to Resolve TELUS Email Not Working on Windows Live Mail

In a recent poll, TELUS email was ranked among the top ten email providers. Many times in the past, TELUS email subscribers have reported a slew of problems with their TELUS email account. We will look at one of the most prevalent TELUS email account difficulties, which is connected to the TELUS email account not working. We will explain the most effective methods to resolve this issue for Windows Live Mail, all of which are advised by TELUS email technical help customer care experts.

  • You must first run the Mail programmed on your PC to configure your TELUS email account in Windows Live Mail.
  • Then, on the taskbar at the top of the screen
  • Click the ACCOUNTS button.
  • The next step is to press the EMAIL button.
  • Then, enter your TELUS account’s email address and password.
  • Make sure you tick the box next to the REMEMBER PASSWORD option.
  • Then, input the name you want your recipients to see.
  • Furthermore, you must click on MANUALLY CONFIGURE SETTINGS.
  • After that, choose IMAP and then enter as the address, 993 as the port, and double-check the SSL connection.
  • Then, enter as the address, 465 as the port, and leave the SSL box unchecked.
  • Finally, click on the NEXT button, followed by the FINISH button.

So, if you are still unable to resolve the not working issue with your TELUS email account, it is time to call TELUS technical support to resolve all of your concerns.

Common Technical Issues with TELUS Email

While using TELUS, users may encounter technical difficulties; in this case, do not worry and contact TELUS customer service. Some issues are listed below:

  1. Issues with configuration.
  2. Emails cannot be sent or received after setup.
  3. Problems with synchronization
  4. Problems with port numbers
  5. Password issues
  6. There are many more.

Phone Number for TELUS Customer Service

Users may simply contact TELUS customer care on email or by dialing the TELUS email toll free number. The service is available to everyone 24*7. The executives employ cutting-edge technologies to troubleshoot the problems. Because the entire team of specialists is completely dedicated to customer satisfaction, they give the finest in class TELUS technical support.

TELUS Help Link:

TELUS Technical Support Phone Number: 1-(866) 771-9666


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