How To Delete Yahoo Mail Account?

How To Delete Yahoo Mail Account?

Closing an old or rare used Delete Yahoo Mail Account can assist you in staying organized. However, regardless of how much you use Yahoo Mail Help , that might be a good idea to disable your account.

Given Yahoo’s large data breaches and selling to Verizon, you might How To Delete Yahoo Mail Account?. If you have important data in your account, you can download a large portion of it before deleting it.

Yahoo! has been making headlines for a long time. They had over 500 million accounts hacked, and this number has recently risen to about 1 billion accounts. Yahoo takes the cake when it comes to data breaches that have shaken the tech industry in recent years. Check out this guide to learn how to permanently delete your Yahoo mail account.

Before You Deleted Yahoo Mail Account. You need to Remember

When you delete your Yahoo account, Yahoo deletes all of the data associated with it, including your Yahoo emails, contacts, and calendar events. If you have some important data in your Yahoo account, you must first back it up. If you pay for some programmed, such as Yahoo! Mail Pro, you will lose access immediately. Before you close the account, make a backup of any data you may need in the future.

So, here are the steps to permanently delete Yahoo account

  • Sign in with the Yahoo ID you want to delete Yahoo mail account termination page. (To find this, go to the bottom-right corner of the page and click the ‘Help‘ link.) Then, at the bottom of that help page, click the ‘My Account‘ link. While on the ‘My Account‘ page, click ‘Register or delete Yahoo mail account,’ then click ‘closing your Yahoo account,’ and finally click the ‘account termination‘ link.)
  • Read the full information about account termination provided and then click Continue. If you delete your Yahoo account, you will lose access to all Yahoo services, including Yahoo Mail, Flickr, contacts, and others.
  • To confirm your identity, enter your Yahoo account password.
  • To verify the changes, enter the Captcha code displayed on the page.
  • Select the “Yes, terminate this account” option.

You will be notified that your Yahoo account has been terminated, and your data will be removed from Yahoo’s user database in approximately 90 days. According to Yahoo, the deletion process takes approximately 40 days to complete. However, in some nations, it can take longer.

If you close the account, any emails sent to it will be returned to the sender with a delivery failure message.

If you change your mind during the deletion time, you can still reactivate your account. Simply log in to your account over the next 40 days to do so. People will be able to send emails to the account after you have reactivated it. You will, however, be unable to access any emails sent to the account’s address while it was closed.

Yahoo also informs that some of your information “may possibly remain” in its records even after the account is completely closed. Visit Yahoo’s Data Storage and Anonymization support page to learn more about what information can be stored.

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