What Is The Best Way To Link AOL Email To Gmail?

What Is The Best Way To Link AOL Email To Gmail?

When you connect your AOL Mail account to Gmail. You will be able to use Gmail’s services within your AOL account. You must activate the connection between AOL and Gmail. When you connect your AOL Email To Gmail, you will have the same level of comfort in AOL and will be able to access all of your messages in your Gmail inbox as well. Furthermore, you will be protected against spam emails, and you will not have to worry about trash emails on your AOL account. Your emails will be alerted on your mobile device, exactly as they were on Gmail. You may automatically categorize your emails into categories such as Social, Promotions, Updates, and so on. You can search quicker by using advanced search options. Follow the steps below to connect an AOL Mail to Gmail.

AOL Email To Gmail Connection

  1. Open your Gmail account on your Device.
  2. Select Settings. It’s in the upper right hand corner.
  3. Select Accounts and Import from the list of options after clicking on See all settings.
  4. Select Add a mail account from the Check mail from other accounts option.
  5. Click Next after inputting your AOL email address.
  6. Then click Next after selecting Link account with Gmail.
  7. Click sign-in after following the on-screen directions.
  8. Your AOL account and Gmail have been connected successfully. You may now use Gmail to view your AOL emails.
  9. When you link your email account to your current Gmail account, your account’s storage limit may be reached. As much as possible, empty storage.
  10. If you decide to unlink your AOL mail from Gmail, go to the Check mail from other accounts area and click Unlink. If you want remote assistance with linking your AOL email to Gmail, please contact us.


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