How Do I Fix AOL Mail ATS Service Error?

How Do I Fix AOL Mail ATS Service Error?

This page describes the AOL mail ATS service error and how to solve it.

GAH Error 1111


Change Your AOL Password

  • Move to the AOL email account’s security page.
  • Select the Change Password button.
  • Create a new password and then select the Continue button.
  • Enter a new password for your AOL email account.

Clear Your Web Browser’s Cache

  • If you are unable to access your AOL account after changing the password, you must clear your web browser’s cache by following the steps below.
  • Open Chrome.
  • Start Google Chrome on your pc.
  • Open to the More menu and then pick More Tools, followed by Clear browsing data.
  • Choose All Time from the Time Range drop-down option.
  • Select Cookies and other site data -> Cached pictures and files.
  • Select the Clear data option.

The safari

  • Open the Safari web browser on your Mac.
  • Click History -> Clear History and Website Data.
  • Select All History from the Clear take menu.
  • Select the Clear History option.


  • Start Microsoft Edge.
  • Click to Settings -> Privacy and services.
  • Click to the ‘Clear browsing data for Internet Explorer’ area and pick the ‘choose what to clear’ option.
  • Select your browsing data type and then click Delete.

Mozilla Firefox

  • Select the Options option after clicking the Menu button.
  • In the left panel, click the Privacy & Security option.
  • Go to the Cookies and Site Data section in the main panel and click the Clear Data button.
  • When the Clear Data tab opens, check the box next to the ‘Cached Web Content’ option and click Clear to resolve the AOL mail ATS service problem.

GAH Error 2


  • Close the web browser you’re using to access your AOL email account and restart it.
  • Try to log in with the correct email address and password.
  • If this does not solve the problem, clear the web browser’s cache.

GAH Error 7


Allow Cookies

Google Chrome – Go to Menu, then Settings -> Privacy and Security -> Site Settings -> Cookies, then turn on cookies.

Allow JavaScript

ChromeSelect Settings -> Advanced -> Privacy and security -> Content settings -> JavaScript from the menu.
Select the ‘Allowed (recommend)’ checkbox.
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