How Do I Reset My Optus Email Password?

How Do I Reset My Optus Email Password?

Optus is Australia’s second largest telecommunications company, and it offers a broad multitude of services to its customers. You’re probably aware that the Broadband & Mobile Broadband OptusNet username/email account may be added or withdrawn. Optus email users may have a question about how to reset Optus email password.

Reset Optus Email Password

But did you know that you may change your Optus email password simply going to the My Account section? The primary account usernames, on the other hand, cannot be altered in any way. To proceed, you must update your Internet Access and My Account passwords (if your OptusNet account is using the same username). If you want to replace your Optus email password. We also recommend that you change your Member Services password.

How Do You Recover Your Optus Email Password with the use of the following steps:

  • Navigate to the MY ACCOUNT area.
  • Type PASSWORD.
  • Enter your Email address – the username – and click SAVE.
  • You must now choose your DATE OF BIRTH.
  • The next box will open, prompting you to enter your email address; click CONTINUE.
  • You will receive an email with a temporary password.
  • Return to the MY ACCOUNT area.
  • Enter username and one-time password.
  • Now, press the LOGIN button.
  • Navigate to the Account Settings box and choose OPTUS PASSWORD CHANGE.
  • Change the account password.

Get Technical Support for Optus Email Account Recovery

Optus management has engaged a helpline staff to provide high-quality support at all phases of Optus email password reset. The management team wanted to send the technical colleagues through numerous rounds of skill analysis. As a result, the webmail group has amassed a superior team of tech support engineers. Which has been further subdivided into sub-units. The account security help sub-unit provides error-free services. The customer service department, which is supported by efficient sub-units, is also skilled in dealing with the following difficulties.

  • Can I use several email addresses with Optus?
  • Is it possible to make the Optus profile photo more visible?
  • How can I update my phone number for Optus verification purposes?
  • How can I reactivate my Optus account that was deactivated?
  • Is it possible to recover lost emails in Optus?

Optus Customer Service

You may wonder how the sub-unit dealing with the procedures of Optus email password reset is providing excellent Optus support services and satisfying consumers. The solution is in its quality department, which is split into three sub-units. These departments are staffed by qualified experts who have undergone extensive training.

Optus’ quality specialists are dedicated to providing the highest quality services possible. As a result, they are overseeing the account security unit and ensuring the greatest possible performance. If a person is still unsure about how to reset Optus email password, they may resolve their problem by dialing Optus customer service hotline. Alternatively, users may phone the Optus email password reset hotline at any time, 24*7, and professionals can assist them.

How Can I Get in Contact With Optus Customer Service?

Optus email is a popular email service with some of the greatest features. You may simply send and receive emails using your Optus email. Despite a functional email, you may have certain problems when using it. You can contact Optus email customer care if you have any questions with Optus email.

What services can Optus support?

You may contact Optus In email support for following services:

  • With OptusNet, you are unable to utilize the email app.
  • Emails are unable to sent or received.
  • Optus has banned an email.
  • Add or delete more email accounts.

To obtain assistance, you may contact the customer support staff as follows:

Call- You can make a call to reach Optus’ technical experts. You can explain the issue and request a resolution.

Email- If necessary, send an email to the technical staff, and they will respond with the necessary information in the revert email.

Live chat- This is an option for a quick response. Your query will be answered as soon as you are connected to the executive via the chat messenger.

You can find contact information for Optus email customer care on the Optus website. Optus customer care is available 24 hours.


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