How Do I Contact Zipcar Customer Service? Numerous Ways To Connect With Zipcar

How Do I Contact Zipcar Customer Service? Numerous Ways To Connect With Zipcar

Like other carsharing services, Zipcar is one such that works to provide Cars/Trucks for rent for a specific period of time. Zip car is based in America and was sold to Avis Budget Group. Thus, it is a subsidiary of Avis Budget Group. The company was founded in 2000 and worked solely for around 10 years. After that, it is acquired by Avis Group worth US$500. Zipcar has made its name in the car rental services and as a result, trusted users are still kept attached even after its selling. The issues are common to arise in any sort of service and to cure it, there is a customer service department. It is also found in Zipcar. Are you looking for How do I contact Zipcar customer service? If so, continue reading.

Zipcar is a car rental company based in the USA. The work of car rental services is to provide vehicles by booking them on their application or through the site. The car is given for a specific period of time and it is charged accordingly. Also, the policy of car rental services differ and is best suited for both organization and users.

In case having issues related to car booking, price issues, or anything for that matter could be resolved by contacting Zipcar customer service. It can be reached in several ways given there. For instance: Chats, Emails, and Phone numbers.

Further, this blog will help to know what exactly the right kind of approach should be to connect with the support team and how to find the options for that as well.

How do I report a problem to Zipcar?

In order to report anything to Zipcar, you need to establish a contract with Zipcar support. There are several ways to get connected with Zipcar, however, you need to choose what fits you!

For example; you can get connected to Zipcar via contact number, Email ID, phone number, and Help Center.

After connecting, you can report your problem whether it is related to booking, pricing of a car, or any general conversation as well.

Can I get a refund on my Zipcar membership?

Yes, definitely. If you had subscribed for the Zipcar membership and now wish to cancel it and get back your money then it is absolutely possible. The policy of Zipcar says that the amount will be refunded within 30 days period after the cancellation of Zipcar membership.

However, if your account is closed but with little balance in it: your amount will be credited to your payment method automatically.

Can I cancel my Zipcar membership anytime?

You can cancel your Zipcar membership at any time you want. However, the amount of your membership will be returned within 30 days of cancellation. Also, there would be no refund of the amount after the 30 days period.

However, canceling your membership will not stop you from booking the car within 30 days. So, you can book your car until ends the membership.

How do you call 1 866 on 4zipcar?  

If you have come across a serious issue on the Zipcar and wish to connect with it via call, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • For a head start, visit the official site ( of Zipcar by searching on a web browser.
  • Next, you are required to search for the “Support Page” option.
  • The moment you find it, just click on it.
  • Then after, you need to tap on the “Contact Us” option.
  • After clicking on the “Contact Us” option, you will find the Zipcar customer service number that is 1-866-4ZIPCAR (1-866-494-7227)
  • Then, dial the number in order to make contact with the agent.
  • After dialing, you will be talking with a robotic voice, however, need to follow IVR so as to talk to a live person.

Can I get a Zipcar refund?

It is essential to know that Zipcar’s refund policy is the best and it allows returning money if the plan has changed or been canceled for any reason. However, it should be informed earlier to avoid any repulsive conditions.

There might be several situations when you have to cancel or delayed the date of your booking on the Zipcar. In that scenario, you don’t need to be bothered anymore as it is likely possible to do so in Zipcar.

The amount that you have paid earlier will be credited to your account within 30 days period. And till then, you can make bookings for your ride without any issue.

Can you use your phone for Zipcar?

Yes, now the Zipcar service could be availed via your phone. Also, you can operate a few options here such as locking and unlocking the Zipcar from your device. Through the phone, the booking has become easy and quick without much tension. You just need to navigate to the Zipcar Application and choose your priority and tap to confirm it.

For a similar kind of information, do not shy to press here!

Summing up!

Zipcar is undoubted, the most preferred service platform for booking a car, or renting a car in a new place. It provides quality service with a cheap price range as compared to other services. Also, it has a refund policy that helps people to push back anytime they want.

The car-rental services are on the boom because of the movement of people in different places for different purposes as well. Whatever your purpose may be, Zipcar is there to take you to your destination. Also, if facing any issues, contact the support team of Zipcar.

Hope this post has provided solutions to the general question How do I contact Zipcar customer service? Still, have doubt? Drop it in the comment section.

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