Fix: Yahoo Not Receiving Emails From Facebook

Yahoo Not Receiving Emails From Facebook

Yahoo! Mail is a free e-mail service provider that allows you to send, receive, and manage your email addresses from any location. Facebook is used by millions of people worldwide. Creating and using a Facebook account is easy; all you need is an e-mail address or phone number. The nicest part about Facebook is that you can link it to your e-mail address & receive constant updates. Scroll down to learn how to resolve the Yahoo not receiving emails from Facebook issue.

A confirmation message is frequently sent to that e-mail address. You must open the confirmation email and click on the link given. If you do not get the confirmation email on your Yahoo! Mail account, this indicates a problem.

Yahoo! Mail address isn’t receiving emails from Facebook, try the troubleshooting steps outlined here.

  • To start, ensure to a good internet connection.
  • Check to see if you entered your Yahoo! Mail address accurately in the appropriate field. Enter the correct address.
  • Look for the missing confirmation message in your Yahoo! Mail account’s Spam, Trash, or Junk files.
  • Move the confirmation message from the Trash folder to the Inbox folder if you see it there.
  • If your Yahoo! Mail email is not receiving emails from Facebook.

Check Facebook’s email notification settings:

  • You may have disabled e-mail alerts on Facebook in some situations. To fix it, change your Facebook account’s email notification settings.
  • Click to your Facebook account’s Settings page.
  • Select the Notifications option.
  • Select the E-mail option.
  • To get emails on your Yahoo Mail account, change the notification settings.
  • Check to see whether Yahoo! Mail is receiving e-mails from Facebook after you’ve changed the
  • settings.
  • If not, select the Call option to contact our technical experts for remote assistance in fixing this
  • issue. Facebook emails are not being sent to Yahoo.

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