How to Create an Email Group in Gmail

How to Create an Email Group in Gmail

Create an Email Group in Gmail

When you send an Email Group in Gmail. Making a group on your email address makes your life simpler. An email community is a smart idea. If you send emails on a regular basis, such as via an email campaign, a family network, or a friends group. You should be able to build an email community in Gmail after reading this post. You will read and follow the instructions step by step here.

To create an email account in Gmail, follow the steps described below.

  1. Start your computer’s web browser.
  2. Sign up to your Gmail account with your email address and password.
  3. After you’ve signed in to your Gmail account, press the grid icon on the right side.
  4. Scroll down the list and click the Contacts button.
  5. The Google Contacts web page is now open. It will include all of your saved email contacts.
  6. In the Google Contacts pane, select the Create label feature.
  7. The Create mark pop-up window would appear. In that browser, enter a name for your group in the text field and press OK.
  8. The newly formed community name will be shown in the Labels section on the left pane of the Google Contacts window.
  9. There will be no connections in your newly created group if you press on it. Apply your contacts to the category.
  10. Now, in the left pane of the Google Contacts window, select the Contacts feature. The correct section will display all of your email contacts.
  11. You should connect your contacts one at a time. Press more choices button.
  12. Choose your email group from the menu. The specific address linked to your email group.
  13. Add several contacts to your email group. To start, checkmark each contact you want to add to your email group.
  14. Tab, Manage mark button. Pick your group name from the list and click the Manage mark button.
  15. Many of the contacts you chose will be added to your email group. Confirm it.
  16. Now, in the left pane of the Google Contacts browser, press the name of your email group.
  17. The contacts attached to that category will be mentioned in the right column.
  18. Simply, enter name,  on your email group creating a new email.

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