AOL Mail Error 604: How Do I Fix It?

AOL Mail Error 604: How Do I Fix It?

AOL Mail, previously AIM Mail, is a free Webmail service. It is simple to use because no software or special apps are required to access the emails. Any device with an Internet connection may access your AOL Mail account using a web browser. However, the AOL Mail service may not always be active. When you receive the AOL mail Error 604 when attempting to access your email account, it might be due to a number of factors. Continue reading to learn how to resolve AOL mail Error 604.

Solution 1: Check Your Internet Connection

  • You will be unable to send or receive emails on the account if your Internet connection is slow or weak.
  • Open another web page to see if you have Internet access.
  • If the device is not connected to the Internet, restart it and reconnect it.
  • Check your AOL mail account to see if you can open it.

Solution 2: Check The Mail Configuration

  • When you access your AOL Mail account with an email client app such as Outlook or Thunderbird, the email setup may be wrong.
  • Open the email client program on your PC.
  • Click to the AOL Mail server settings page.
  • Verify the incoming and outgoing mail server settings.
  • Incoming mail server protocols contain IMAP and POP3.
  • SMTP is the protocol used by outgoing mail server.
  • Check the authentication username and password for the mail server.
  • The AOL Mail server settings are as follows:


Incoming POP3 mail server:
Port number: 995
SSL encryption


Incoming mail server:
Port number: 993
SSL encryption


Outgoing mail server (SMTP):
465 or 587 as a port number
SSL/TLS encryption

Solution 3: Use a Different Browser

  • If you see the problem 604 while accessing AOL Mail using a browser, try another browser.
  • If you can access the email account using another browser, then update or reinstall the old browser to resolve the AOL mail problem 604.

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