How to Update Outlook To HTML & Outlook Plain Text to HTML Reply

How to Update Outlook To HTML & Outlook Plain Text to HTML Reply

Microsoft Office Outlook’s Mailing application provides you with mostly three message format options: HTML, Plain Text, and Rich Text Format. Users of Outlook switch to HTML because of various reasons. So apart from that, users find the process of Outlook plain text to HTML reply.”

You can use any of these formats, depending on your needs. Here’s a small preview of all three text formats:

HTML Format/HTML Email (Outlook 2003)

One of the three text formats available in MS Outlook is HTML (Hypertext Multilevel Language). Email entities such as text formatting, bullets, numbering, alignment, horizontal lines, pictures (including background), Signature, HTML Styles, and Web Pages are supported by the format. HTML format is the most common email application that you can use. It is best used for sending messages over the internet. The format performs great in a setting that uses Microsoft Exchange Server.

Simple Text:

Another way to send emails in Outlook is in HTML format. While all email programmed understand the language, it does not accept features such as bold, italic, colored fonts, or other text formatting. So apart from these limitations, the format does not allow images to be sent directly in the message body.

RTF (Rich Text Format) (is a text file format):

Last but not least, RTF allows you to add bullets, associated objects, and alignment to your text. When you create a meeting, task request, or message with voting buttons, Outlook automatically converts it to RTF format, because of which format you have set as your default text format. In a Microsoft Exchange Server environment, the format works perfectly fine once again.

 Microsoft Exchange Server

Switching from Outlook to HTML has many benefits:

  • Branding: The company’s logo will be used in the HTML email.
  • Tracking: It’s easy to keep track of how your emails are doing. You can calculate the number of times your messages are opened by using HTML format.
  • Highlights: To draw the audience’s attention, use bright, colorful, and colored fonts.
  • Links: You should use an HTML format to infuse text descriptions into your website links, resulting in a higher click-through rate.

Now that we’ve gone through all the benefits of switching from plain text to HTML, you can use it to make your emails rich with all types of entities.

Focusing on today’s issue, “Changing the Application of Microsoft Outlook from Plain Text to HTML,” we’ve outlined a few simple steps for changing Outlook’s interface from plain text to HTML.

Change Outlook Plain Text to HTML Reply

In Outlook 2019, 2016, and 365, you will change the format of your incoming emails from plain text to HTML.

  • To start, open Microsoft Outlook.
  • After you’ve opened your application, go to File, then Options.

MS Outlook

  • In the left sidebar, click “Trust Center.”
  • And in left sidebar, select “email Protection.”
  • Entering the segment “Read as Plain Text”
  • To accept HTML messages, Unfollow the “Read all standard mail in plain text” box.

"Read all standard mail in plain text"

How to Change Plain Text to HTML Reply in Outlook

  1. After receiving a new email, click Home to go to a new Inbox on Outlook’s main email dashboard.
  2. You’ll see an email editing alert as you move. Following Aa HTML, click Format Text.
  3. Now you’re ready to use Outlook to write HTML text.

In the MAC Operating System, are you looking for “Outlook plain text to HTML reply”?

How to Change Plain Text in Outlook to HTML for Mac OS

  • You must first open Outlook and then go to “Preferences.”
  • Select “Composing” now.

Changing Outlook Plain Text to HTML For Mac OS

  • Choose “Compose messages in HTML by Default” if you want to write emails in HTML. If you need to send emails in plain text, all you have to do is uncheck the box.

You may be having difficulties or errors, such as how to add a signature in Outlook, Microsoft office sorry we are having temporary server issues, etc. No worries, you’ll find the ideal solution to your problems right here. The methods are well-written, and you should be able to complete them without difficulty. You can focus on us to have guaranteed solutions to all kinds of errors and problems under one roof.




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