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When Cash App suddenly stops operating, one of two things happens: users can’t log in to their Cash App account, or they can log in but can’t send or receive money to or from their contacts. These two heinous circumstances might arise as a result of banned or prohibited Cash App accounts. So, the million-dollar question is, how can I unlock my Cash App account? If you discovered your account locked and out of reach, chances are you have lost access to your stored money, Bicton, and stocks in your Cash App wallet.

If such thoughts are racing through your head, this account recovery post is for you. We will go over the easy. But effective ways to resolving the issue and recover your closed cash app account with trapped money and BTC. However, if you are not a big fan of reading. You may call the Cash App phone number and get your account freed of the unexpected restrictions.

I am unable to access Cash App. How do I unlock my Cash App account?

If you are unable to access your Cash App account, this does not imply that your Square payment wallet has been disabled. Yes, there’s a chance it’s simply a little issue. Check the following two error messages to see whether it’s just a sign-in issue.

You don’t need to be concerned if any of these two login problem messages display on the screen: “Cash App unable to sign in on this device” or “Cash App won’t allow me log in.” Why? Because your Square Payments account has not been suspended. It is simply a login problem that may be resolved by calling specialists.

However, if you are not seeing a login-related notice on the screen, the problem may be more serious. Take a look at some of the possible reasons that cause Square Cash App to restrict any user account.

The following are some of the probable reasons why your cash app wallet may be temporarily or permanently suspended:

  • Cash App verification is failed.
  • Sharing an incorrect SSN or other kinds of identification.
  • Use a VPN to get access to the account.
  • Carrying out or being involved in any type of scam or fraudulent action, both directly and indirectly.
  • Accessing accounts outside of the United States where the Cash App does not operate.
  • Sending or receiving money in an unusual manner.
  • Violating the terms of service and payment restrictions.
  • Sending an excessive number of Cash App payment requests to unknown Cash App users.

How can I unblock my Cash App wallet and get my money or Bitcoins?

If you are certain that your account has no login issues, you will have fewer options for recovering your account on your own. Before seeking assistance, you should take the following steps:

  • Log in to your banned Cash App account using Google Browser without utilizing a VPN.
  • Check that you are not logged in on numerous devices.
  • Delete all cached and cookies files from your device (phone and PC) and the login.
  • Also, make sure the date and time on your phone and computer are right.

Still no luck? Don’t worry, the technique listed below always works.

When all attempts to access and unlock the banned Cash App account fail, the best thing you can do is establish a new account. Yes, you may establish a new account at any moment. However, you should be aware that creating a new account will need the use of a different phone number. Once you’ve created a new account, proceed as follows:

  • Open the Cash App and hit the profile icon.
  • Scroll down to find the personal tab and click on it.
  • You must input your previous phone number, which you used to create an account but have since lost.
  • You may also use the email address associated with your previous Cash App account to proceed.
  • Hopefully, you now have access to your previously banned Cash App account.
  • When you regain access to your account, cash out all of your funds and sell or move all held BTC to another wallet.
  • Report it to Cash App customer support and request assistance to avoid this from happening again.

How can I unlock the Cash App Visa Debit Card?

Unblocking the cash card is a simple task. In fact, consumers may disable and enable their Cash App cards with a single tap. Here’s how it works:

  • Open the cash app and tap the card-shaped icon on the home screen.
  • Scroll down to locate a toggle button that allows you to switch the cash card’s function on and off.
  • If you wish to re-start using your card, press it to turn it on.
  • alternatively, leave it turned off if you don’t want to use your Cash App visa debit card.

Why My Cash App Account Locked?      

The cash app is one of the prominent payment applications that provide epic services to all its users but when the cash app finds any inactivity with your cash app account then immediately cash app stops locks the account and prevents all the data and money from secure so that no one can hack your account.

Another option could be typing the wrong password consistently with your cash app account or someone trying to enter into your account can be the reason to lock your cash app account

Thus, stay away from fraudulent activities so that you can able safe your account from hackers. Keep in mind that if the cash app detects any activity happening with your account then instantly it will get permanently blocked.

How do I Recover My Cash App Account?

If your account gets hacked or has any blocked by the cash app team in this case you can check out the steps mentioned below to Access your old Cash App account.

  • Open The Cash App on your device.
  • On the homepage hit on “Profile” icon which is on the home screen
  • Now you need to follow the “Sign Out” option here
  • After that, enter the email ID or phone number of the old account.
  • At this point, just follow the instructions that are given on the screen.

How to reopen a Closed Account on the Cash app?

Reopening your cash app account could be an easy process but not all time. In order to recover your account, you have to get in touch with cash app customer support to resolve your current issues. However, users need to consider some points before going to connect with the cash app customer support team.

  • You must have valid information why your account is closed?
  • Ready with all necessary information that that support team going to ask you for security reasons to verify the account.

Why is my account locked on cash App?

There are various reasons behind when a cash app account gets locked on the Cash app. The Cash app monitors your account closely and if it notices anything unusual then, it locks the account automatically. Using the Square Cash app too often or very rarely can lead to account locking on the cash app.

Why is my Cash App account locked?

If the cash app notices any unusual activity on your account then instantly they will take action and block your account on a temporary basis. Locking the accounting process may prompt because the cash app prioritizes user safety and want to be proactive in preventing fraudulent activity. Users need to keep in mind that locking your account will not affect your cash app account or not prevent you from sending future payments.

When your cash app account gets then you will have to connect with cash app customer team and ask them why your account is locked and when it unblocked

How long does it take Cash app to unlock account?

If you are facing a situation where your cash app account is locked and you are not able to send and receive money then, you can verify your Cash app identity to unlock your account. To unlock your Cash account, you can approach the Cash app support by dialing their contact number. The Cash app sends users a confirmation mail within 24-48 hours notifying we have completed the verification process and unlocked the account.

How long does Cash App lock your account?

The Cash app takes 24-48 hours to unlock your Cash app account. After the Cash app verification is done, the cash app notifies users about the verification process and unlocking of the account.

How do I Get a Cash Application Account?

Wanted to create a new cash app account? Well, below we have furnished key steps that will redirect you to know how do I Get a Cash Application Account so let’s walk through the steps below.

  • You need to download Cash App on your Android/iOS device
  • Enter your email id/phone number
  • After that, the user will receive the security code by email or on your phone number for verification
  • Enter your bank details or your debit card number to link the Cash App account.
  • Finally, create your own Cashtag for easy transfer of money from your friends and family members to your Cash App account.

Can I have 2 Cash App Accounts?

Yes, having 2 Cash App accounts is not a big deal for anyone, and even with 2 accounts only, users can create more accounts. However, creating 2 or more accounts on Cash App requires the user to follow some thorough guidelines.

  • You cannot sign up for 2 accounts with the same details.
  • To have 2 Cash App accounts you need to have 2 different emails and 2 different phone numbers.
  • You cannot stay logged in with 2 Cash App accounts on the same device. However, you will need to sign out to log in from one account to another.
  • You will need to access these accounts from different smartphones.


This concludes our guide on how to open a locked Cash App account and recover your trapped money and Bitcoins. Please contact the Cash App customer care number for further information and help. Experts are well-versed in the process of unlocking a Cash App account.


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