How to block someone on cash app? Find out here

How to block someone on cash app? Find out here

Are you getting bothered by someone on the cash app? Want to know How to block someone on cash app? If yes then continue reading this blog for more details:

If you’re using Cash App Support then you can block and unblock someone on the cash app. Many times, scammers bother a user through different requests. In such a case, you can block them. By doing so, you will stop them from sending money requests. Here’s how you can block and unblock them.

Is it possible to block someone on Cash App?

Yes, it is possible. A user of the cash app can block someone other on Cash App. Through the activity feed, one can block someone on the cash app in no time. If you feel that someone is invading your privacy on the cash app or is a hacker or scammer then you can block them.

Once you block them, they won’t be able to connect with you via the cash apps in any way. Also, you can unlock them anytime depending on your convenience.

Cash App never informs a user that they have been blocked. After blocking, they will no longer be able to send you any sort of monetary transaction request or send payments. A blocked person will disappear from the contact list too.

How can I block someone on Cash App?

Cash app lets you keep your account secure from scammers and hackers, It also allows you to block someone if you think they are trying to steal your money.

Continue reading to know the steps of blocking someone on the cash app:

Start with the history link

Simply, open your Cash App on your phone to start the process of blocking. In the next step, you’ll have to click on the history link. This history link will be in the bottom right corner.

Look for the person’s profile

Now, it’s time to find the person’s profile from the cash app whom you want to block.  After this, you will have to navigate to the top of the screen to select the profile.

Alternatively, you can also select the transaction of the person whom you can block. From here, you will get their profile. After selecting the person’s profile, you need to tap on the three dots that are available on the top right corner.

Block the person on the cash app

After doing all the steps, you just have to go to the pop-up menu from where you can select the option of “Block This Person”. Tap on it and then confirm the process by pressing the Block button. This way, you can easily block a hacker or scammer on the cash app.

Can I unblock a blocked person on the cash app?

Yes, unblocking on the cash app is as easy as blocking. You only require a few instructions for the unblocking of a user from your contact list.

You can quickly unblock someone if you’ve blocked them.

Here’s what you’ll have to follow:

Start the process by navigating to your Profile Section on the cash app where you’ll see the unblocking option. After this, reach your transaction history page.

Here, you can choose the cash app user or person that you want to unblock. From there, look for the option of unblocking.

Simply, tap on the unblock option so that the individual can be unblocked. After unblocking them, you will see them on your cash app contacts list.

Once the unblocking is done, you can start making money transactions with them.

What will happen if I block someone on my cash app account?

By blocking the person, you’re putting them into the blocked list. This means who they won’t be able to send you money or do any financial transactions. The blocked person will not send you money or request your money from you.

But, if you have made any transactions with them then it will be visible on the transaction history. You cannot delete the history that you have made with the blocker person on the cash app.

The good thing on the cash app is that the person will not be notified that they have been blocked. They will not know anything about it. After unblocking them, you can be seeing them in your contact list. But, after blocking, they won’t appear in the contact list.


Users always ask How to block someone on the cash app if they get bothered by some scammers on the Cash app Support. Here we have mentioned the simple steps of blocking and unblocking the person on the cash app. In addition to this, you’ll also get to know what happens after blocking a person on the cash app.

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